Jump into the mud! This was to be taken seriously on the first weekend of June in Nebelberg.

Seven brave employees of KÖLBL European Tonewood dared to participate in the Haze Dirt Run. Challenging 7 km and 20 obstacles lay ahead of us and had to be overcome. The weather god seemed to have his fun – he kept sending us some wetness from above. No one stayed dry that weekend.

The Union Nebelberg organized the event superbly, and the bad weather couldn’t dampen the good mood. Over 1,100 other cheerful people struggled through the mud with us. Not every obstacle was easy; sometimes you faced your own fears and limits – but in the team, you found support and encouragement, and then it went on. Unstoppable together – that’s what we really were.

Helpful, funny, and friendly fellow competitors on the course and fans alongside it – that felt good. And the warm shower at the end? A real highlight!

All around a success.

See you next year when it’s time again: Conquer the beast in you!