sound of
the alps

Our history of sound


Every tone tells its unique story. A story that reaches back to its beginnings, informed by the time of his origins, co-written by country and people.

In 90 years we have learned to listen. To make stories sound. To turn the best wood into music.

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Kölbl European

We offer high quality and good delivery conditions out of our large stock.

For no other type of wood processing are the demands on the wood as large as in the instrument industry.

The wood that sets the tone in instrument making comes from the alps and the foothills of the alps. Generally, the cool temperatures and the short vegetation period favour the development of the sound we are looking for.


Rooted and embedded in the heart of Europe you will find KÖLBL European Tonewood. Careful selection, high quality processes, qualified employees, years of experience and knowledge from more than 3 generations make us unique.

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our variety
of wood.