the stage belongs to the virtuoso types of wood

keyboard wood

We know what makes the fine wood of alpine spruce in piano construction unsurpassed. The ratio of elasticity to density is ideal. Although it resonates easily, it still has sufficient resilience. In addition, the carefully selected, fine-grained wood is suitable for any kind of piano wood.

  • ALPINE SPRUCE WOOD (Picea abies)

Resonating wood, structural ribs

Here you will find various fine cut pieces and parts, specially selected and stored for many months and years. Wood for the production of all kinds of soundboard and ribbed bars.


  • ALPINE SPRUCE WOOD (Picea abies)

Piano mechanics

The piano mechanics are produced in special incision processes. The right drying and storage process gives the wood those additional characteristics that are essential for instrument making.  White beech, the hardest hardwood in Europe, has the best stability characteristics for using it hin the piano mechanic production. Carefully selected A trunks from the best growing areas guarantee the highest quality.

  • HORNBEAM (Carpinus betulus)

Guitar tops

The narrow, evenly-spaced annual rings of fine-grained spruce are the best conductors of sound.  This is especially relevant for acoustic guitars. It produces a warm, penetrating sound. We offer materials that always produce the best sound for every form of guitar – from beginner models to concert or western guitar.


  • ALPINE SPRUCE WOOD (Picea abies)

stringed instruments – back plates and tops for stringed instruments

Other highly gifted types of wood are also waiting to be used. Other types of wood are also used, however, in the back plate, the ribs and the neck of stringed instruments. From Alpine spruce to Sycamore, various types of wood can be used in instrument making.

Our carefully stored selection of products therefore includes all common and domestic wood species.

We advise you –contact us!

  • SYCAMORE (Acer pseudoplatanus)
  • ALPINE SPRUCE WOOD (Picea abies)

Squares for woodwind instruments

We offer pear tree and maple squares in many different dimensions and cross sections. The squares for woodwind instruments are capable of processing and stored for several years.

Other types of wood on request:

  • PEAR WOOD (Pyrus communis)
  • SYCAMORE (Acer pseudoplatanus)
  • PLUM

wooden edges for sieves

The wooden edges for sieves are manufactured according to a historical tradition in a specific production process.

The wood used for this production process is the beech. We are the only company in Europa that still manufactures this special product.

Wooden edges for sieves are available in different diameters from 20 to 65cm and heights from 3 to 15cm in thicknesses of 4-6mm . They are made on demand.

Previously used for flour sieves, sand screens, etc., these are nowadays mostly used in industrial wire mesh factories.