Trusting and long-term business relationships are important to us. On our last bike tour,  we visited a friend and customer of ours – Tobias Braun – at his home.

Tobias Braun has already shopped with us under the direction of Adolf Kölbl. Recently he installed a guitar top bought from us in 1986.

Tobias Braun only builds concert guitars. It takes a lot of love and patience to build a quality guitar. That also takes time. The first tree trunks that Tobias Braun bought in 1988 to make his guitars were 300 years old. If you start arithmetic here, you end up in the time of Sebastian Bach – Tobias Braun found that impressive and you can see the art of this craft of guitar making in the finished guitars.

Every guitar and tone is unique. This also makes working with tonewood exciting in the end product. The longer you play the instrument, the better the sound.

Thank you, Tobias for the long loyalty and for the warm and nice reception.

Fotocredit: David Kinnear