In the last 2 years we have been intensively involved in

  • our values,
  • our relationships with employees and customers,
  • what do we live,
  • how do we treat each other,
  • Who are we,
  • Where are we going

The result of this process is our mission statement.

In many conversations, interviews and discussions with our employees and customers, our

  • Company and customer philosophy and
  • Employee Principles

developed. The guiding principles should accompany, guide and support us in our daily work.

An outdoor workshop was held on September 1st, 2022 to make the mission statement understandable and tangible for our employees.

The goal of this outdoor workshop was that our employees understand, internalize and experience the guiding principles with the help of various exercises.

The next project is already being planned.

The mission statement should be graphically presented and communicated throughout the plant. We keep you up to date.

Many thanks to Dr. Ronald Newerkla who accompanied this process from the beginning to the end.