We value the quality of the selection of our tonewood and are constantly optimizing, improving our daily production processes that our business runs smoothly.

Our employees are very important to us and of course, we invest in further education of them.

Daily, different skills of each employee are required to produce the best tonewood. Day by day the employees are  involved in several operational processes, until the wood is finally packed and loaded.

We are a wood producing company and forklift driving is part of our business.

Every year, many containers are leaving our headquarter in Aigen.Schlägl. A good forklift driver is essential, especially when loading our goods. Skill and special driving skills make this step much easier.

Five of our employees – operations manager Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Peter Sexlinger, Fabian Fuchs, Martin Misovec, Jan Fatur and Tomas Kölbl – completed their forklift driver’s license in June 2020. Congratulations and thank you for your commitment.

As with all activities – practice, practice, practice – makes you perfect – We have enough goods for loading, reloading and stacking during the whole year.