Dear colleagues, friends and local residents,

we are fully motivated and will start KÖLBL Active 2022 in May:

The following events are open to everyone and we are looking forward to seeing you there. Just contact us and join in.

KÖLBL active walking/bike rides:
Thu, 05.05.22 – 5 p.m
Thu, 19.05.22 – 5 p.m
Thu, 02.06.22 – 5 p.m
Thu, 23.06.22 – 5 p.m

11.6.22 – bike tour through the Mühlviertel – meeting point and start on the company premises

09.09.22 – Morning hike on the Bärnstein and breakfast in the Panyhaus

15.10.22 – Hike Aigen-Ulrichsberg-Schoeneben-Grünwald

Let’s go – let’s start healthy and fit into spring!