When 5 veterans leave the company – it has to be celebrated!

On Friday September 29th, 2023 it was time to let go, be grateful and say goodbye – to our retiree.

At GH Auerhahn we took lunch and had plenty of time to enjoy and to say goodbye and THANK YOU to:

  • Christian Mandl, 44 years with the company
  • Anton Schmidinger, 25 years with the company
  • Adolf Bogner, 25 years in the company
  • Peter Patrasso, 23 years with the company
  • Günter Wagner, 23 years with the company

THANK YOU for your decades of loyalty to KÖLBL European Tonewood GmbH.

Over the years, you have grown close to our hearts and we have also spent a lot of time with you privately and enjoyed it very much.

A cozy and fun afternoon, which was also musically accompanied.

Thank you for this invitation.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming phase of your life, lots of serenity, beautiful moments and, above all, stay healthy.

In retirement you no longer have to do what is profitable, but you can do what is worthwhile!