In the course of our company’s history we have met many creative, inspiring and music-loving people. Exciting stories and encounters with instrument makers from all over the world – who have one thing in common – the love of the product, the music and the desire to create something special.

Today we like to tell you about one of these encounters.

People who are enthusiastic about their craft also place unusually high demands and demands on their product. A few years ago, the paths of Bernhard Deutz from Berlin and KÖLBL European Tonewood GmbH crossed. For both, only the best wood quality gives the instruments their special sound.

Have you ever heard of:

  • Body tambura
  • Sound bed
  • Sound chair
  • KlangRad
  • or monochord?

These are wonderful and handcrafted instruments for mind, soul and body. Truly – ONE sound experience.

Many ideas only come the way you are going – that was also the case with Bernhard Deutz:

“Building stylish and artistic sound instruments actually arose out of a fascination for unusual monochrome sounds, for the art of violin making, and the idea of ​​developing string instruments that focus on the beneficial effects of sound and not on virtuosity,” says Bernhard Deutz. 

The complex, finely built sound instruments are aesthetic and easy to play. The tonewood from Kölbl European Tonewood is used for the soundboard of the instruments. The instruments only develop their optimal tonal ability while they are playing – they do not “gamble” away, but rather gain in liveliness over time.

The Bernhard Deutz sound instruments have found their way into music and sound therapy.

Mr. Deutz is also a lecturer in the music therapy course at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where he built instruments several times with music therapy students. An experienced, well-traveled man – who has always perceived the curiosity, the inspiration, the high demands on his “works of art” and the love for monochrome sound as trend-setting and who builds wonderful instruments – which are not only strung, but inspired.

At KÖLBL European Tonewood GmbH, too, the sound quality begins with the selection. That is why we are constantly on the road for our customers, looking for special trees and making sure that we produce the best tonewood for our customers throughout the entire production cycle.

Where love and quality meet, the sound can only be special.

Have we piqued your interest? More information can be found here.

Fotocredit: Klangwerkstatt Bernhard Deutz