Behind the Scenes – Unique and Special

We opened our doors to four renowned and internationally known guitar builders, providing them with an insight into the production of tonewood for guitar making.

Tobias Braun
Karel Dedain
Felipe Conde Crespo
Jochen Röthel

It is an absolute privilege and by no means taken for granted. With Tobias Braun, we share a longstanding friendship that dates back to the times of Adolf Kölbl, when the first tree was cut and processed together.

Through this insight and exchange of experiences, the masters gain a deep understanding of the wood from the Bohemian Forest, its peculiarities, how growth and flaws in the wood manifest, and what the selection of tonewood means for instrument making.

Many do not know that crafting a handmade guitar is as laborious and time-consuming as producing tonewood. When interest in craftsmanship and tradition, love for music, attention to detail, and special wood converge, a unique atmosphere is created for all involved.

The wood from the Bohemian Forest is something special and historically valuable, as it has been used by renowned guitar makers and timber merchants for a long time.

The learning experience from this workshop resembles the growth of trees and the quality of each individual piece. One never knows what to expect inside the tree, as trees do not grow by the book but are living material.

So how does one make the selection? How does the instrument maker react, and what can he extract from potentially imperfect tops? Many inputs, questions, and answers were exchanged and addressed during this workshop.

For the instrument maker, as well as for us, the special sense for wood is crucial.

Wood that one sees and holds in their hands. Sometimes this only reveals itself at second glance, be it in the selection of trees for tonewood or in the selection of tops for instrument making.