Anyone who has ever seen the guitars from Rozawood knows that these are special guitars. Many years of experience as well as a lot of skill and attention to detail make their musical instruments something extraordinary.

Rozawood – The place where dreams come true

Petr and Roman usually visit us once a year. At these visits they choose the components needed for their works of art from our range of tonewood. We are happy to take our time for this. Two talented and creative minds as they are – an inspiration for working creatively with tonewood.

Creativity, ingenuity, ideas and passion for what you do, create these musical instruments. Making the impossible possible – underlines their commitment. Special customer requests are heard at Rozawood and guitars are made individually – also on customer request.

Only the best wood is used for this. As not only the look, also the sound makes Rozawood guitars outstanding.

  • The following wood was used by KÖLBL European Tonewood GmbH to build the “Fall” guitar:Bird’s-eye maple for the guitar back as well as the sides, armrest and the headstock
  • Flamed maple for the guitar neck
  • bear-claw spruce for the guitar top

In filigree detailed work, Petr made a matching butterfly (admiral) and individual leaves and inlaid them into the guitar top.

True artists, who do WHAT they do for life.

The end result is impressive. Guitar wood from KÖLBL European Tonewood can be found in this unique baritone guitar “FALL”. We are proud of being part of this wonderful musical instrument.

Thank you ROZAWOOD for this special business relationship.